Introduction: How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner by Yourself?

The self-madevacuum cleaner is based on Bernoulli's principle: the fan blades rotate to drive the air inside to flow quickly. The fast-flowing wind produces low air pressure. The air pressure inside is small and the air pressure outside is high, so small objects are sucked in.

Step 1: Prepare the Required Materials

Small wooden square, propeller, battery box, AAA battery, small motor, gauze, screw, small switch, glue, double-sided tape, rubber band, etc.

Step 2: Make the Bracket

Fix the motor card position and bracket with screws

Step 3: Glue the Battery Box and Small Motor

In this step, we need to glue the battery box and the small motor well, we can use a good glue to glue it, we must stick it firmly.

Step 4: Install the Propeller and Connect the Wires

The same is true for this step, we have to make sure that each part is installed firmly.

Step 5: Fix the Gauze on the Mineral Water Bottle

Cut off the bottom of the mineral water bottle, and fix the gauze on the mineral water bottle.

Step 6: Fix the Mineral Water Bottle on the Frame and You Are Done