Introduction: How to Make a Water Bottle Plant Starter

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Today I'm going to show YOU how to make a water bottle plant starter (as stated in the name). You can use it to start plants but probably just for a couple weeks then you will want to move the plant into a garden or bigger pot. I use them to start growing the crops that go into my garden. mmmm… peppers!


For the supplies you will need a water bottle (obviously!), a cutting tool, some dirt, and seeds (I don't have them in here though).

Step 1: Cut the Bottle to Size.

Use the cutting tool you grabbed earlier and use it to cut the bottle. you can cut it anywhere depending on how big you want the roots to grow. I only cut it a little less than half because I don't have a plant to actually plant.

Step 2: Add Dirt.

Its that simple. Just add dirt and your done with that!

Step 3: Now You Can Add Your Plant!

Obviously I don't have one so I cant show you. But with that step done for you that will be all. Till next time, bye!