Introduction: How to Make a Working Car in Minecraft

I made this project in ps3 edition but I think it also works in pe and Java edition. It's my first project but more will come soon.
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1 obsidian block
3 Redstone blocks
3 pistons
1 sticky piston
2 white stained glass blocks
4 black wool blocks
11 slime blocks

Step 1: The Start

In the first step what you have to do is to dig 1 block down and put obsidian. Then 1 block higher put a piston and a slime block

Step 2: Step 2

In this step you have to put a sticky piston looking at the slime block and then put a piston which looks in the opposite direction. After putting the piston add one more slime block

Step 3: Step 3

After finishing with step 2 add 4 more slime blocks where there are some already and 4 black wool blocks to look like tires

Step 4:

Now what you have to do is to do as I show you in the photo. The add four more slime blocks in the back. Also put a Redstone block in the back (Pic 3) and after you put a Redstone block in the back and another in front onto the piston, break. It and your car is ready to go. Pic 4