Introduction: How to Make a Zine at Home

Zines are a fun an easy way to depict stories or visualize ideas. This is a guide to create a basic 8-fold zine with materials you probably already have at home.


8.5"x11" paper (or other desired medium)

an idea to visualize

pencil, markers, crayons, or other medium to create images


Step 1: Concept

Think of a concept you want to visualize. The zine in this tutorial will have 8 pages in total, including the cover and back, so keep this in mind. It could be a list or a story, but pick something that you will enjoy making. This will help you stay motivated throughout the process.

Step 2: Artistic Choices

Once you come up with an idea, figure out what medium and style you want to use. These elements can be used to enhance the concept of the piece, especially when it comes to color choices. Zines are usually made on copy paper, but you can experiment with other materials.

Step 3: Plan

Thoroughly plan each page of your zine to reduce the chances of a mistake. The paper will be folded into 8 sections, with each one being its own page. Since we will be folding it, you want to follow this guide to ensure that nothing is facing the wrong way when the book is put together.

Step 4: Cut

Once the illustrations are completed, grab either scissors or an xacto knife, and cut along the middle as shown.

Step 5: Your Zine

Fold along the lines to create a small book like structure and enjoy!

Step 6: