Introduction: How to Make an American Girl Doll Bunkbed

This instructable will show you how to make a triple bunk bed specifically for American Girl Dolls. Check out the video to watch the build!


1/2” plywood 4x4’ sheet 1pc
1x2”s at 8ft 5pcs
Finishing nails or trim screws 200pcs
Wood glue
Wood filler

Step 1: Cut 3 Pieces of 1/2” Plywood at 10.5”x20”

Step 2: Cut Seven 1x2s at 20” Long

Step 3: Attach Those 20” 1x2s to the Long Sides of the Plywood

You can use finishing nails or trim screws and wood glue to do this

There should be one 20” piece left

Step 4: Cut Four 1x2s at 28”

Step 5: Mark the 28” 1x2s

Mark 1, 11, and 21” from the bottom of those pieces.

These will be the four legs of the bunk bed

Step 6: Mount the Plywood Pieces Onto the 28” 1x2s

Use wood glue and finishing nails or trim screws to attach the legs (28” pieces) to the corners of the plywood bed frames.

Attach them to the corners on the short sides. They should be flush with the outside edges of the bed.

The bottom of the 1x2s on the sides of the plywood should be flush with the top of all those lines we just made.

Step 7: Attach the Last 20” 1x2 to the Top of One Side of the Bed

Step 8: Cut Eight 1x2”s at 9”

Step 9: Attach the 9” Pieces to the Short Sides of the Bed

The last two pieces should be flush with the top on the left and right sides.
They will make up the top rail

Step 10: Cut One 1x2” at 28” and One at 17”

Step 11: Cut Those Pieces Up

Use a table saw to split those in half.

Save the two 28” pieces.
Cut the 17” pieces up into six 4” pieces.

You should now have two 28” 1x1s and six 4” 1x1s.

Step 12: Assemble the Ladder

Mark 1.5, 6, 10, 14, and 18” up from the bottom of those 28” 1x1s.
Attach the 4” pieces flush with the bottom of all your marks.

Step 13: Attach the Ladder to One Side of the Bed

Use wood glue and nails or screws to attach the ladder to the left or right side of the bed.

Attach it to the side that does not have a top rail.

Step 14: Cut One 1x2 at 16”

Step 15: Attach the 16” 1x2

Attach it to the back side of the ladder and the remaining 28” leg

Step 16: Fill and Sand Any Blemishes

Use wood filler and sandpaper to give it a smooth finish

Step 17: Paint or Stain the Bed

Step 18: You’re Ready to Play!