Introduction: How to Make an Awesome-looking Lego Fighter Droid

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a cool Lego droid. The body is based off of a Lego Star Wars Droideka.

Step 1: Parts

For this project, you will need:

One 2x2 dome piece (A Buzz Droid head looks quite nice)

Two 2x2 circular plates with + shaped holes in them

At least 3 robot arm-like pieces (I'll call them robo-arms for now)

3 small spikes

Two 1x1 pieces with studs on all four sides (A.K.A fire hydrants)

A bulb piece

A 1x1 cylinder

One 2x2 shield-like piece wih one stud on top

At least 2 binocular-like pieces

2 "T"-bars

A "plunger" rod

At least 2 battle droid arms, but you will want around 5 or 6 (Ninjago skeleton arms also work well)

At least 2 arms with holes on the end (Not to be confused with robo-arms)

A 1x1 brick with studs on 2 sides opposite each other

A 1x1 plate with a clip

A phone piece

Some translucent studs in fiery colours (red, yellow, etc.)

A 2x2 plate with bars around it that form an octagon (I'll call it an octo-plate)

Some minifig sticks and bars

Lots of minifig weapons!!!!!

Step 2: The Legs

Attach the robo-arms to the spikes as shown, and then attach them to the octo-plate. Also, get one of the 2x2 circular plates, and attach it to the 2x2 dome brick.

Step 3: The Body

Now, get both "fire hydrants" and stack them on each other. Then, get the plunger rod and stick it through both of them, and have the plunger end stick out at the top. After that, get the remaining circular plate and stick it stud- side up through the rod, so it touches the stack. Next, stick that end through the legs we made in Step 2, and then get the other dome-thingy we made and stick it stud-side down so the rod holds onto it and it stays.

Step 4: Eye and Shield

Get the bulb piece and put it on one of the top studs. Then, put the shield-like piece on the cylinder, and stick it on the stud below the "eye". Make sure the eye and shield are between 2 legs and not instead overlooking one, or else you will find that you cannot place the shield.

Step 5: Mini-lasers and Arms

Put the binocular-like pieces on the sides and bottom studs as shown, and make sure they face awayfrom the eye and shield. Then, get the T-bars and attach one droid arm and one hole-arm on each one-you probably want the droid arm on top. Attach them as shown.

Step 6: The Jetpack

Grab the clip piece, a small minifig stick with no attachments, and the 1x1 piece w/ 2 extra studs, and connect them as shown; and attach it to the body on the back's top stud. Then, attach the fiery-coloured studs to the phone piece and clip them together.

Step 7: Attach Weapons and Have Fun!!!

Now just attach lots of weapons and have fun!!!!! Tell me in the comments if you found a way to improve it (shouldn't be that hard) or if you found easy ways to subsitute pieces!!!

Thank you for reading, and now




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