Introduction: How to Make an Easy-peasy Chef Hat

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Have an apron, a bowl and a spoon? Missing a chef hat? Here you can learn how to make a 5 minute chef hat! All you need is 1-2 sheets of paper, felt tip pens, glue stick, and scissors!


1 sheet of paper (2 if needed)
Red and black felt tip pens
Glue stick

Step 1: Making the Hat

At the bottom of and A4 piece of paper, glue 1 cm, and then fold.

Seek picture for help

Step 2:

Cut small strips at the more puffy side. Aprox. 3cm wide, 7cm long

Step 3:

In the middle of the hat, on the flat side, draw whatever design you want, from your initial to a small picture that resembles you.
(I chose M with a ring around, and under MasterChef)

Step 4:

Now this is the last step: Measure the hat to your size. Either use a new sheet of A4 paper and cut a strip, like I did in the photo. Glue the edges together to fit your size of head.
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