Introduction: How to Make an Instructable

So you wanna make something that everyone will want to see. Well, to do that, you're gonna have to get your idea out there, but, how are you gonna do that? With the wonderful website Instructables! But... how do I make an Instructable? You might ask. Well let me show you!

Step 1: Getting to

Before you can truly dive in to the world of Instructables, you have to get there! Go to your search engine, in this case my computer has Google, but any search engine works, and click on the search bar.

Step 2: Typing the URL

After you've clicked onto the search bar you need to get to the website, but how? Why? How in the world do I do that! Well, calm yourself because i'm gonna tell you how, using your keyboard, type "" and voila! Like magic, press enter and you're there!

Step 3: So, I'm on the Site, Now What?

You did it! I'm so proud of you, those last two steps were pretty difficult, but it only gets harder from here soldier. Your screen should look a little like this, and, wait! Do you see that, there on the ribbon, Publish! You've done it! Go ahead, click that tab!

Step 4: Oh, Dear, God...

Wait! that tab brought me to another page! This isn't magic, this is the cold dark depths of hell! Where do I go from here! Well its no call for panic, there's two "buttons" on screen, ones in orange and says publish, tempting but you should probably sign in first! So click the Sign Up button!

Step 5: Ok, Personal Information Time!

Success! Now you should see three text boxes, one asks for your email, so enter it! Another asks for your Username, so be creative. And finally one asks for a password, don't tell anyone! With those complete select the two drop down menus, one asks what you are, a student, a teacher, a hobbyist or a cool guy! Not that last one though because that's obvious ;). Now select your country, prove you're not a robot and select sign up!

Step 6: We're Back!

Instructables will now bring you back to the same page from Step 4, but now there's only one option, publish! So, lets do it! Lets... make... an... Instructable!

Step 7: Let Your Creativity Run Rampant!

This step is as simple as they come, name that instructable! Maybe its about cooking, maybe its woodworking, and maybe you're making an instructable on how to conquer the Roman Empire! It doesn't matter! It's up to you!

Step 8: Ehhh, It's Snake, I'm In!

Infiltration complete! But where to start? Should I type, add pictures or maybe just publish it as is. Well, maybe not that last one but lets start simple, add some pictures! I'm sure you've taken some absolute gems of you conquering Rome, so add as many as you can! Click on the big "Add Pictures" bar on top.

Step 9: Vacation Photos Maybe?

We're now on this screen shown above, select how you want to add those pictures. Add as many as you need, there can be multiple pictures per step, so add as many as you think you could need.

Step 10: Nearly Done

With your pictures added, your screen should look like this, pictures you've added at the top and the editable step at the bottom, you may now type as much as you want, add as many pictures as you want and type whatever title your heart desires!

Step 11: Approaching the Finish Line!

Tres Bien! You've made a fantastic first step! Literally and figuratively. So click the add tab, from here you can add another step, add a link or even a video! Its up to you! This may be a step by step guide, but it's also all about being creative.

Step 12: Mission! Success!

Whoopee!!!! You've got all your steps, all your fantastic pictures and videos. But whats next? Well, publish! Hit that orange button next to the save button in the ribbon. Hitting that will send your instructable out to the world! Keep making everyone!

Step 13: All Done

Good work! You're now the happy Admin of your own instructables site! No one can stop you! Who would even try! You're unstoppable!