Introduction: How to Make an Inverter Using an Amplifier Board

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make an inverter using Amplifier board.This inverter you can make easily at your home.It's circuit is very easy.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Parts As Shown Below

Parts required -

(1.) Transformer (step-up) - 9-0-9 2A/3A / 12-0-12 2A/3A

(2.) LED - 240V 9W

(3.) 6283 IC Amplifier - Single channel

(4.) Power supply / Battery - 12V DC

Step 2: 9-0-9 Transformer

In this project i have taken 9-0-9 2A step-up transformer.

You can also use 12-0-12 2A/3A step-up transformer.This transformer will give best AC power output.

Step 3: Solder Transformer Input Wire to the Amplifier

Firstly we have to solder transformer input wire to the amplifier board.

We have to solder 0-wire(middle wire) of transformer to ground wire of output speaker wire of amplifier board and

9-wire of transformer to +ve wire of output speaker wire of the amplifier board as you can see in the picture.

NOTE:we can reverse its polarity.

Step 4: Solder LED Bulb

Next we have to connect LED bulb to the output wire of transformer as you can see in the picture.

Step 5: Solder 12V Input Wire

Now we have to solder 12V DC power supply wire to the amplifier board as shown in picture.

Now our circuit is completely ready.

Let's check it

Step 6: How to Use

Since we know that our inverter circuit is completely ready.

It will work when we will touch on the audio input wire of amplifier board as in picture I touched.

As we touch on this wire then LED bulb will stat glowing.

We don't have to worried when we will touch on the amplifier board we will not get any shock.

NOTE:We don't have to touch on the output wire of the transformer.

This type this amplifier Inverter is working.

Step 7: Output Voltage

As we can see in the picture the output voltage of this inverter is 148V AC output power supply.

It's output voltage will depend upon the trnasformer and input voltage.

If we will use 12-0-12 2/3A transformer then we can get best AC output.

This type we can make an inverter circuit using an amplifier board(6283 IC single channel amplifier board)

Thank you