Introduction: How to Make an Iron Golem and Snowman in Minecraft

In this Instructable you will learn how to build an iron golem and a snowman in Minecraft PC edition.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

For this tutorial you will 4 iron blocks, 2 blocks of snow, 2 pumpkin heads, 2 wooden fence gates, and 52 wooden fences.

Step 2: Building the Containment for the Creatures

Make a ten by 5 square of fences. On one of the sides with the 5, replace two of the fences with the two fence gates. This fence gate will be the only part that is only one block high in the perimeter.

Step 3: Starting to Build the Iron Golem

In this step you will use the four iron blocks. This is how you will place them: put two right on top of each other, then for the other two, put one on each side of the second block off of the ground. Make sure you are doing this inside of the fenced in perimeter.

Step 4: Finishing the Iron Golem

Now since the base of the iron golem is done, all you need to do is take on of the two pumpkin heads and place it right on top of the middle iron block on the top row of three. Once you do that he will come to life.

Step 5: Starting to Build the Snowman

In this step you will need the two snow blocks. All you need to do is stack the two snow blocks in the fenced in containment.

Step 6: Completing the Snowman

For this step, you will need the other pumpkin head block. All you need to do is place the pumpkin head on top of the two snow blocks and it will come to life.

Step 7: Enjoy the Creatures You Created.

Now it is time to admire your creations. The snowman will always leave a trail of snow where ever he goes. You could collect this with a shovel and turn it into snowballs. Also, the iron golem will attack zombies, so you could spawn one of these in a village to protect the villagers.