Introduction: How to Make an Origami Box

Do you need a tidy desk/jewellery strategy? This origami box takes less than 2 minutes to make, depending on the type of paper you are using. I advise you use normal paper for this technique.


  • paper (A3 or A4 preferred), the quantity of boxes that you want to make is the quantity of paper you will need.

Step 1: Preparation

when getting ready to do origami, you will need to make sure you have a clear, spacious workspace - not a messy, full workspace.

Step 2: Fold Paper in Thirds

Once your workstation is ready, you can begin. Have your paper laid out in front of you. Then, fold that sheet of paper in thirds (as shown in video). Be as accurate as you can, you don't want a wonky box!

Step 3: Fold 4 Sixths and 1 Third Together

now, this may seem hard from the title, but it's one of the easiest parts!

Take the two outside thirds (the left and the right one), and fold them each in half, to find your half-complete process, like the final image shows.

Step 4: Making the Folds That Holds the Box Together

To do this, you will have to open up ONEof the two folds you just made.

Once done so, fold all 4 corners, down the centre line, like shown. Close up, and repeat on the other side. Close that up. Your "Box" should now look like the final image shown.

Step 5: Opening Up and Finishing Your Box

Now, it is time, to open up and finish your box. Take the centre split, and put your thumbs in each slot, then pull them up then out. Not so far, that you'll break your box. Just until the sides are vertical. Now, as shown in the final two pictures, pinch the rounded sides down, unless you want a rounded box instead.

Step 6: You're Done!

Now that you have a box, you can store things in it, you could make another box for its lid.... Who knows the possibilities you could come up with! Please, don't forget to tell us what other things you did with your box (did you make a lid and use it as a pill storage, etc? I'm just having a laugh!)! I hope you had fun!

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