Introduction: How to Make Any Block Into a Chest in Vanilla Minecraft!

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make any block into a chest using Vanilla (normal) Minecraft! No Mods!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1 block of choice (this will be used as the chest, I used a Diamond Block

10 blocks of choice (these with surround the chest/block, I used Stone)

1 Command Block

1 Button (wooden or stone, doesn't matter which)

Step 2: The Base

First, take five of the ten blocks you chose to surround your chest and place them in a similar fashion as the screenshot. The side with the hole MUST be facing north. Click f3 to see your direction. (It will matter later.)

Step 3: Second Layer

Place the block you want as the chest in the place with the hole. Take the Command Block and place it on top of the chest/block.(To get a Command Block, just type in the conversation section, "/give YourNameHere minecraft:command_block") Then put a Button on the front of the Command Block. (To place things on blocks that respond to clicks, like crafting tables, press Shift to crouch and then place the block, or in this case a Button.) After you have placed the Command Block surround it with the last of your blocks from the stack of ten.

Step 4: Code for Command Block

Left Click the Command Block, and you will see something like the first picture come up.

Enter in the top box the following code: /summon MinecartChest ~ ~-1 ~.05 {CustomName:"YourName"}

(Place the name of the chest in between the quotation marks where it says "YourName".)

Step 5: Click the Button!

Click the Button and the text in the first picture should come up.

Now if you left click the block, It should open a chest inventory with the name you gave it.

What Actually is Happening:The Command Block is spawning a Minecart w/ Chest inside the other block.


If you break the blocks around the chest/block, will see the sides of the Minecart.

(Also, if you walk near to it, you could shove the minecart out of the block.)

If the block you choose is glass, you will see the Minecart w/ Chest. (kinda cool though)

If you remove the Command Block from the top, you will see the top of the Minecart w/ Chest.

If you don't face the pattern of the Base any other direction but south. If you do, the Minecart w/ Chest will spawn where you can see it.

If it doesn't summon anything, then check the code. It must be exactly the same.

If all else fails just try again, and try to follow as close as possible to the instructable.

Step 6: Finished!

Now your done! You can use this for making secret chests, or impressing your friends. If you liked this instructable, please comment below and please vote for me in the Minecraft Contest! Be sure to check out my other instructables! Thanks!

Step 7:

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