Introduction: How to Make the Worst Sandwich Possible.

If right now you want the worst possible sandwich, you have come to the right place! This instructable will tell you all you need to know about making one very, VERY bad sandwich. If you are looking for something delicious, nutritious, or appealing in any way, leave. LET THE INSTRUCTABLE BEGIN!

Step 1: Materials Required

  • A measuring cup equaling 1/2 teaspoon
  • Two ends of a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread
  • A bottle of Ketchup, your choice of brand.
  • A bottle of sweet relish, your choice of brand.
  • A jar of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. No choice of brand.
  • A bottle of Classic Ranch Dressing.
  • 1 Pouch of Welch's Fruit Snacks.
  • A small bottle of Lite Soy Sauce
  • A small bottle of Lime Juice.
  • A small handful of chocolate chips.
  • A plate you are willing to sacrifice.

Step 2: Bread.

Lay the two pieces of bread facing the ceiling on your plate.

Step 3: Toppings!

Open up the pouch of fruit snacks and lay them throughout a piece of bread. Then, put 3 squirts of relish on top of the fruit snacks. Make sure the relish is on top of the fruit snacks.

Step 4: Condiments!

Now, use the 1/2 teaspoon to get 1/2 of a teaspoon of all of the following ingredients on the sandwich, and spread it evenly



Soy Sauce

Lime Juice

Make sure you wash the measuring device before using the next ingredients.

When you are finished, the sandwich should look like the picture above.

Step 5: Ranch!

Add the ranch in, with as much or as little you feel would make this sandwich terrible. I added only a small amount, but that is because I realized too late in my project that I'm going to take a bite of this sandwich.

Step 6: Desert!

Get a small handful of chocolate chips, and gently sprinkle the chocolate chips throughout the sandwich.

Step 7: Enjoy If It's Possible.

Your sandwich is finished! Congratulations! It's very bad, you don't want to eat it.

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