Introduction: How to Arduino Hardware Interface With Matlab

If you want to know that how to arduino hardware interface with matlab then there are so may way to find solution with help of Google but here the thing is that how to any hardware interface with matlab without occurring problem then you will go through my step which I mentioned below with pictures.

Step 1:

  • The first and foremost , you need to required these are thighs in software (matlab) and minimum 4GB RAM required with graphic card in your pc or laptop. Whatever you have. Hitherto matlab interface with hardware you will have to install matlab software.

Step 2:

If might have installed matlab software subsequently you have to open it and you can see window like this which I depicted below picture. And you will able to see there matlab Simulink library and so many things but here we need to [Add-Ons] plugin which I indicated in back box. You will have to go though it then click on it.

  1. If might have clicked on it then it will be appeared like this which I mentioned below picture then you will have to click on next butten select with internet (recommanded) which indecated in black box. Here black box is indicated to you have to click on it.

Step 3:

Then it will be appeared like this picture in this picture there are so many support pacakges for hardware , whatevere you have hardware then you can downolade it. I have arduino Uno that’s why I selected arduino support package.

  • you will have to create an own your account and put specific email id with password.

  • then it will be appeared like below picture and you have to write click on I accept buttons and next.

  • Click on next button
  • Subsequently It will be appeared like below picure and I will be given allow you to install it. Then click on it.
  • Subsequently download precee will be startede.

Step 4:

Finally,if there is completely download it then It will be appeared in Simulink library and you can easily see it in you Simulink library and you can use it.

Here I depicted some picture related to arduino hardware interface with matlb and I have got some results which over our small project and to measure the wave form with help of DSO. Those are picture I mentioned below.

  • · Conclusion
  • In this experiment I have used arduino hardware interface with matlab the purpose of to reduce human effort to make a program and also reduce cost to give you programmer and here pivotal thing is that whatever you want to make project in matlab software with help of Simulink library and arduino hardware support package then you can upload in arduino hardware it will give you exact results without doing any program.