Introduction: How to Mount Snap Fasteners for Clothes With the Tools in the Kit

If you have bought the metal push buttons with tool set for leather clothes, how to mount it? There is an instruction howto install them. Short video, clearly and concisely, brief and to the point. Is it good idea to buy this kit?

Step 1: The Kit We've Got

What we have:

  1. Two sets of 15 buttons each - bronze and silver. 1 set of button includes 4 parts.
  2. Tool set includes 4 items: riveter male, female riveter, plate base, punch.

Step 2: Possible Problems

You may be confronted with the next problems:

  1. Not all parts (of 4) are present in the bronze button set.
  2. Buttons are made of iron and rust.
  3. The punch is not sharpened enough.
  4. The base is too big for this diameter (10 mm) of the buttons.
  5. Thickness of cloth have to be 2-3 mm.

So you should grind the punch. The base can be used as is.

Step 3: Tutorial What to Do