Introduction: How to Mute QI Wireless Charger (No More BEEP's!)

How to mute smartphone/smartwatch wireless charger so that you don't get any more of those loud, annoying beeps!

Step 1: Dismantle the Charger

First step is take off the cover.
There are no screws holding the two pieces together, but there are 6 evenly spaced out notches that you will have to very carefully pry out with either a thin screw driver or knife.

Step 2: Locate the Buzzer

Every charger will be different, and they will probably have buzzers of all sorts of sizes and shapes.
The way I found my buzzer was by looking for a relatively (and physically) bigger piece of component compared to other components on the breadboard.
The buzzer works like a speaker, so it would have to be physically big enough to hold a magnet and a coil inside.
If it has numerous connections to the breadboard, then it's probably a microcontroller. (like in the picture)

Step 3: Take the Lid Off the Buzzer

For my charger, when I took a close look, it actually had an arrow indicating that the lid can be taken off. (See first picture)
With a sharp tool, carefully pry off the lid off the buzzer.
Be extra cautious not to damage other components on the breadboard!
It barely took any effort for the lid to pop right off! (See second picture)

Step 4: Take Off the Diaphragm (the Top Plate With a Magnet)

The buzzer works by injecting current through a coil, which induces a magnetic field. The varying magnetic field causes the diaphragm (which has a magnet attached to it) to move rapidly, which in turn creates acoustic waves.

With a sharp tool (I actually used my finger nails), remove the diaphragm so that there is nothing for the magnetic field to move. (See picture)

Step 5: Reinsert the Buzzer Cap

You can now put the cap back on the buzzer at this point and throw out the diaphragm.

However for me, I didn't know if in the future I would want the BEEP sound again whenever I'm using my charger, so I taped my diaphragm on to the lid of the charger, so that in the future, I can reinsert the diaphragm and have a beeping charger again! :)

Step 6: Reassemble and Enjoy!

Now, you can simply pop back on the lid of the charger and you should be done!

No more loud beeping noises! :)