Introduction: How to Paint Useing Ordinary Paint Brush and Water to Draw on Tablet or Mobile Phone

Painting with brush is fun. It brings with it lots of other development to the kids.

Step 1: Conventional Painting With Brush Develop Lots of Skill

Kids will know how to hold and manage different kind/type of brush. They develop the sense of spreading colors and mixing it. This kind of development improves kids hands muscles, their observing power, their concentration. More importantly as it is irreversible kids learns how to make up it if something goes wrong.

Step 2: Paint in Electronic Gadgets

But yes,kids need to use water, colors tube or bottle. There are colors in the market with are chemically bad for kids’ skin.So someone must take care them and guide them.

Now a days kids are more attracted towards electronic gadgets. We need to be very careful. We should use proper app for them. Yes, with modern technology also kids can learn lot if used properly. Kids love paining but painting in app with redefined figures does not help them to do more, think more. Solid fill during coloring does not help them to improve their muscle control. The can not learns how to draw straight line of circle. So their hands will not be steady.

Step 3: Paint With Ordinary Brush and Water on Table

I thought to mix both the concept. Means use an ordinary paint brush on table to paint.

The tricks here is to convert the brush to a stylus. This can be done very easily by converting the brush a conductive brush, so that is can establish a connection between body and touch screen. The body of the bush needs to be metal or we should hold the front metal part of the brush. Then dip dip it in little water. A wet brush can easily make an electrical circuit between the screen and human body.

Step 4: Step by Step Video Instruction

What the enclosed video to see how its works and how you can make your own brush.