Introduction: How to Peel a Tomato?

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In this post, we share all possible methods of skinning or peeling tomato along with details of usage. There are three best ways to skin a tomato, freezing, blanching, and roasting. I use all the methods as per convenience, but roasting is best as papery skin is removed without flesh. And in poaching skin has some bit of flesh with it. The addition fourth method is roasting and removing tomato skin in the oven. This useful when using roasted tomatoes in recipe.

Step 1: ​Removing Tomato Skin by Freezing

This is the easiest way to de-skin a tomato. You just wash tomatoes and freeze fresh, red tomatoes in a zip-lock bag. You can store frozen tomatoes for up to three months. To remove the skin of a tomato, just take it out the freezer and run tap water over it for a few seconds. Peel off the skin by inserting a cut with a knife. then peel off the skin with a knife to you peel the skin of a boiled potato. However, in this method, you can't deseed a tomato.

Step 2: ​Removing Tomato Skin by Blanching

This method is useful when you have a large batch of fresh tomatoes that you may be wanting for canning, puree, salsa, or sauce. In the peek season of tomatoes, when fresh tomatoes are plenty you can make tomato puree, ketchup, or pizza sauce with puree.

  • Make a shallow cross on tomato.
  • Put them in boiling water and blanch for 30 sec.
  • Next, put all tomatoes in the cold water bath and remove the skin of tomatoes with a knife.
  • Remove seeds of each tomato or puree it in a blender and strain it to remove the seeds.

Step 3: Removing Tomato Peel on a Gas Stove by Roasting

This method is used when skinning two to three tomatoes. Removing tomato skin on a gas stove is the quickest way to skin or peel a tomato.

Just prick a tomato in a metal fork and roast it on the open flame. Turn it around for evenly roasting all sides of a tomato. Let it cool for a minute and remove the skin. Cut in half and sliding spoon lightly to remove seeds that will flow with little juice.

Step 4: ​Roasting in Oven

This method is also suitable for a large batch of tomatoes. And best when making roasted tomato soup.

Cut tomatoes in half. Place them on a baking tray, the fleshy side facing the bottom. Roast until skin is soft. Collect the skin from the top. Removing seeds will be difficult in this method but you can strain the soup after blending the soup to remove seeds.