Introduction: How to Pick Police Issue Handcuffs With a Paperclip

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This is my entry for the MacGyver contest along with my first instructable. please vote and enjoy

Step 1: Being Handcuffed

So...... you found yourself in a pair of hand cuffs.....if it was a police officer that put them on you keeps those cuffs on and take your punishment like a man. If anyone other than an officer put them on you, such as kidnapper or crazy ex (occasionally the same person) than this Instructable is for you. This how to escape from standard issue handcuffs using nothing but a humble paperclip.

Step 2: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Get your paper clip and position it in your dominate hand and get ready to pick your non-dominate cuff.

Step 3: Continue Paperclip Modification

Now take the paperclip and straighten out the first bend.

Step 4: Almost Ready

Next, take the paper clip and insert it it to the upper section of the key hole.

Step 5: Paperclip Becomes Pick

Take the paper clip and bend it at a 90°ish bend.

Step 6: Finished Pick

After step 5 you should have this little beauty. Now for the fun part, getting out!!!

Step 7: Using Your Newly Made Pick

Short video demonstrating how to pick your handcuffs.

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