Introduction: How to Plant Cedar Hedges

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Hello friends,

For making my privacy hedge and delineate my property I planted a cedar hedge.

I got many pics during the projects.


Step 1: Determine the right planting location of the hedge

Step 2: Types of cedar trees for hedging

Step 3: Choose location and provide enough space

Step 4: Dig a trench for your cedar trees

Step 5: Planting mix for cedar trees

Step 6: Planting watering fertilizing and pruning a cedar hedge

Step 1: Prepare Your Soil Mix and Select Your Type of Cedar

Use garden soil and mix it with peat moss.

There are many varieties of cedars for a hedge, choose one according your needs.

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Step 2: Trenching Method for Planting and Space

You can dig holes for each tree but a trench is more friendly for planting your cedars.

Depending the tree type, determine the right space for planting.

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Step 3: Planting Watering Fertilizing and Trimming

Plant trees and add planting mix arond the roots.

Water them, fertilize and fertilize them.

For the first year, no need to prune your cedar hedge.

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