Introduction: How to Plasti Dip Car Rims

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Throughout this Instructable I will show you how I Plasti Dipped my rims on my Subaru Forester. Plasti Dipping is an easy way to sharpen up the appearance of your rims while protecting them at the same time. If your rims are already rusted and weathered like mine were, then this will make them look 100 times better. If your rims are brand new and shinny, you can still put a nice rubber coating on them to protect them from scratches etc. If you decide to sell your car you can simply peel off the rubber coating and boom, new rims.

Where To Buy!

You can find Plasti Dip really cheap on

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Plasti Dip (Find on cheap HERE)
  • Painters tape/tape
  • Hand wire brush/Drill attachment wire brush
  • Newspaper
  • Paper towels
  • Car jack
  • Wrench to remove wheels

Step 2: Jack Up Car and Remove Wheel

Begin by loosening the nuts on your rims a tad bit before jacking up your car. This is so the car doesn't fall off the jack when applying all the torque needed from the wrench. Now jack up your vehicle and place some blocks under it just in case the jack fails.

Remove your wheel and set aside.

Step 3: Sand Down Your Rims Using Wire Brush

Now it's time to sand down the rough/rusty spots if your rims are a bit weathered. Wire brush off any areas that may be chipping, bubbling etc. The amount of perfection in this step is up to you. You can make them as smooth as you want. I gave my rims a descent sand down.

Step 4: Wipe Off All Rust Chips and Sanding Residue

Using a SLIGHTLY damp paper towel/shop towel, wipe off any dust, rust chips/residue that came off during the sanding process. You don't want to spray the rubber dip without removing the residue.

Step 5: Tape Off Tire/Air Valve and Spray

Using the tape of your choice (wider tape the better), tape off your tires and air valve. Some people simply spray over the tire, cut and peel excess rubber. Do whatever you want here. I like to tape it off.

Spray a nice coat of the Plasti Dip onto your rims. Make sure not to miss any spots! I like to let it dry for 10 minutes and add a second, then a third coat.

Step 6: Put Wheel Back on Your Car

Wait about 20 minutes or so after your last coat of Plasti Dip and put your wheel back onto your car. Remember to tighten the nuts in a star pattern so it goes on evenly.

And you're done!