Introduction: How to Play Chillaball

Chillaball is a ball rolling/throwing game which consists of a rectangular score grid & a bumper set (which can be used for scoring assistance) that is situated on 3 sides of the grid.

Step 1: Choosing Play Area

A safe, flat surfaced area, free of debris or obstructions, consisting of 15x3 feet is most desirable for comfortable game play.

Step 2: Determine Throwing & Scoring Ends of Play Area

Consider that some ball throws/rolls may go in an unintended direction. Set your game-set up in the safest direction.

Step 3: Place Score Grid

Place score grid on one end of the playing area.

Step 4: Bumper Setup

Place the pegged center bumper piece as shown.

Step 5: Apply Throwing Line

Three white adhesive backed throwing lines are included with the game set inside the score grid tube. Measure a 9 foot distance from the closest white line on the score grid & apply throwing line.

Step 6: Continue Bumper Setup

A few indicators for proper bumper assembly are: matching unpainted sections, matching designs (for special edition sets), and matching rounded corners for Unpainted or single color sets. Align the holes with the pegs & press evenly until the bumpers are flush. There should be no excessive gaps or wiggle in the bumper set.

Step 7: Prepare Score Sheet

Two score sheets are included in the game-set. Use one for game play & save the other to make copies for future games. Write player names on the score sheet & you are ready to play!

Step 8: First Player Begins

Game play: Throughout the game a player has an opportunity for 3 ball throws or rolls to complete a "Set". If at any time, a player is satisfied with the set, they may elect to call the set finished. One might do this to prevent bumping a ball to a less desired area on the grid. When a player completes a set & the score is recorded on the score-sheet. See the pictures for examples. In the example, the player scored 60 points (1 ball missed play area). Each player completes 3 sets which completes a "Round". When all players finish their first round, it is the first player's turn again. Three rounds complete a game. The round totals are added up for final score. The player with the highest final score is the winner.

Step 9: A Few Other Notes:

If a ball rests perfectly in the middle of a scoring line & cannot be determined, the lower score is used. In picture example, score would be 10 points...not 50, plus the other 15 points made. In the second picture example, if any part of the ball's felt is touching an outside 5 point line, it counts for the 5 point score, which is named a "Fuzzy Five". No extra points for this, just a fun name.

Step 10: Thank You & Have Fun!