Introduction: How to Play Hand Cricket

This is a tutorial on how to play a traditional game popular in south India. I hope you enjoy this game and I would appreciate a nice comment?

Step 1: Hand Cricket

A simple yet an amazing game to play with your friends and family. Playing cricket is fun, but what if you don't have the equipment? What if you want to play a sweet little game in any given moment? You've come to the right place

Step 2: How to Start the Game

So we just need 2 players for this: you and someone else. One of you should ask "Odd or Even?" and the other should reply with either one of the choices. Odd means an odd number whereas Even means an even number. Let's say that your friend chose odd. Then you get even, and vice versa. After this, move on to the next step.

Step 3: The "Toss"

So your friend is odd and you're even. Now, you need to "throw" your hands (like you do in rock paper scissors) with any finger(s) extended. Both of you should do this at the same time (just like rock paper scissors). So let's say that your friend threw a five and you threw a two. Five+two=7 which is an odd number. So, your friend won the toss since he chose odd. Same thing goes if he chose even and the sum of the two numbers are even. I hope you get it.

Step 4: Numbers

The most inportant part. Name says it all. So here is how you should represent each number
For 1, just throw your hand with ONLY your index finger extended, and the others clenched into a fist.
For 2, just throw 'scissors'.
For 3, just extend your middle, ring and little fingers.
For 4, just add your index finger to the three.
For 5, throw 'paper'.
For 6, throw a clenched fist with your thumb extended.
And finally, for 'stok' (it is how the move is called, you will learn about it later on), just throw a clenched fist.
That is all

Step 5: Choosing "Bat" or "Bowl"

So since your friend won the toss, ask him "bat or bowl". Should he respond with "bat", you bowl and should he respond with "bowl" you bat.

Step 6: Batting

Let's say he won the toss and chose to bowl. You are now batting. And don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to hold your hand like a bat and hit your friend like hitting a ball. Batting is pretty simple. It is just like the "toss" section,but this time, you get runs. So you and your friend just throw your hands at the same time like playing rock paper scissors, and you should throw a number and he should also throw a number. Let's say he threw a 6 and you threw a 4, then you get 4 runs(the number of the bowler is just simply "let go" for now). And if you throw a "stok" and he throws a 5, you get his run (meaning you get 5 runs). Get it? It's thaaaat simple.

Step 7: Wickets

Now you can't just simply keep scoring runs, then the game will be infinite (unless your friends slaps you out of boredom). This is basically like Temple Run. You just keep running. But you have to add the Ape. So here comes another important section: Wickets.

Let's say that you scored about 23 runs. You want to score a 6. So you throw a 6-but unfortunately, your friend also threw a 6. And boom, you're out. Now the bowler gets to bat and you get to bowl, and the batter's target is the previous score+1, so in this case, 24 (23+1).
And if he scored about 20 and he thinks of placing a 2 and you also place a 2, then he is out and you win the match! Now you can just start all over by asking "Odd or even".