Introduction: How to Play the Mandalorian Theme on Arduino

Hi All,
This is my first post so I'm not sure of the etiquette regarding using other people's work yet. The original code used for the notes was found here : Don't worry though, everything you need is included in the download below.

Anyway, I used the 'library' to play exact notes on arduino with an active buzzer. After an incredibly long time I have managed to program the the main part of the mandalorian theme. It could use some tweaking as I dont think all the frequencies for the notes are 100% correct but it's certainly a good start.

The song was written by transcribing the sheet music from from around half way through measure 21.

Step 1: Build and Play

Connect up your active buzzer to pin 8 on the arduino as shown in the image above.

The code I wrote ('MandoActiveBuzz') can now be downloaded and played.

I encourage you to try and create your own songs by transcribing sheet music!

Have fun!

Step 2: Example

Here is a quick recording I made of my set up :

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!