Introduction: How to Prank Your Co-Worker

Disclaimer: This is all for fun - if it offends you, go read a self help book.

My Co-Worker Jason noticed that the urinal odor "things" recently changed. The smell of these new things is pretty awful and resembles some odd strawberry perfume. Jason claims that he loves the smell and that it reminds him of an adult dance club that he frequents.

Step 1: Step 1: Ask Janitor for a Fresh Urinal "thing" and to Remove ONE of the Urinal "things" From the Bathroom.

The Janitor is your friend. If you aren't a jerk and treat them like a human, they will help you. Furthermore, guess what- they are a person too and love practical jokes!!

Step 2: Step 2: Go to Jason's Cube and Find the Perfect Place

I came to work early on a Friday morning to plant the urinal "Thing" in Jason's cubical.

Step 3: Step 3: Open Jason's Computer

Although, it was running, I was able to physically open the PC with ease. Simply open the side cover to expose the inner workings.

Step 4: Step 4: Install Urinal "Thing"

I used a bent paper clip to insert the urinal "Thing" directly near the 3 fans in this PC.

Be careful if the PC is running- the paperclip did contact one of the fans and made an alarming sound. Also don't ruin the PC or cause any other damage that would get you fired.

Step 5: Wait for It

Now is a good time to get a cup of coffee and relax a bit. Try doing some serious work so that you'll quit giggling to yourself.

Step 6: Sit Back and Watch Your Co-Workers Search for the "Thing"

In this case, a total of 5 engineers looked in the ceiling and every place they could imagine. It took about 30 minutes of searching until the "thing" was discovered. If you recall in step 1, we removed a urinal "thing" from the bathroom. The lucky guy who found the thing- (Let's just call him Scott for anonymity's sake) assumed that it was used and had lived part of it's life in the Urinal. You can imagine the disgust associated with removing the Thing...

Ladies- you'll be happy to know that our beloved secretary who found the offensive smell.