Introduction: How to Properly Pierce the Ear

As a former ear piercing professional, I have constructed a set of directions on how to correctly pierce ears for anyone who desires to pierce, or have their ears pierced. The purpose is to educate the proper way to pierce the earlobe and cartilage artistically, along with instructions for the appropriate after care. The process should take about 5 minutes.


The piercer is suggested to be 18 years or older to perform piercing. Take caution before hand, if the person being pierced has a medical condition in which excessive bleeding occurs due to punctures. Piercing guns vary, but mostly operate the same way. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE PERFORMING PIERCING. 

Step 2: Gather All Necessary Materials & Instruments:

1. Piercing canadate
2. Marker
3. 1 pair of latex gloves/ non-latex gloves
4. Piercing gun
5. Alcohol patches
6. Prepackaged piercing earrings
7. Mirror
8. Ammonia sticks (Use if the person feels dizzy or light headed after piercing. Snap 1 ammonia stick & hold it about 12 inches away from their face until they no longer feel dizzy.)

Step 3: Prepare for a Safe & Sterile Ear Piercing.

1. Put gloves on.

2. Use alcohol patches to thoroughly clean the front & back of both ears.

3. Remove seal from each prepackaged piercing earrings.

4. Place cartridges securely into the piercing guns, (pointy earring end facing forward.)

5.Use the marker to evenly dot both earlobes & or cartilage in the crevice of the ear.

6. Give the person the mirror to present the markings & confirm that he or she will like where you will pierce.

Step 4: Prepare & Position for a Safe & Secure Piercing

1. Position the gun & line the earring STRAIGHT across on the dot. (Ear lobe should be directly in between the pointy stud & the backing. Pointy end should be gently touching the dot.)
2. Once lined up straight & steady, squeeze the gun fast & tightly. REMAIN STEADY. (Sloppiness can result in a bad pierce & or pain.)
3. Repeat steps above 1 & 2, when piercing the other ear. 

Step 5: After Care Instructions for Your Piercing:

1. A specially formulated ear care antiseptic solution is required.
2. Always cleanse hands prior to touching your newly pierced ears.
3. Use a clean cotton swab or cotton ball & apply the ear car antiseptic
4. Push earrings gently forward & backward, swabbing solution between your ear & the earring.
5. Rotate earrings twice daily to prevent earring sticking or clinging to the ear.
6. Avoid touching your piercing except when cleaning.
7. Cleanse twice daily for 4-6 weeks (lobes), 8-12 weeks (cartilage.)