Introduction: How to Properly Put a Boot on a Horse

If you've ever been to a rodeo and have seen bright colorful boots on the cowboys and cowgirls horses, and wondered how they can stay on, think no more! Today I'm going to tell and show you how to properly put a boot on a horse's leg. There are only three simple things needed to complete the task, a horse, a horse brush, and a horse boot. Let's get started!

Step 1: Brush Your Horse's Leg

The first that needs to be done is to brush the horse's leg down by the hoof and up to its knee. That is to make sure all of the dirt and debris is off. If there is dirt left on the leg, it will rub along the boot and cause a sore spot on the horses' leg which will cause discomfort for the horse.

Step 2: Open the Boot

The next step is to open the boot by hooking the velcro strap on the back side of the boot. That is just so they don't get in the way when trying to fasten the boot to the leg.

Step 3: Clean the Inside of the Boot

After the velcro straps are hooked out of the way, scope the inside of the boot out to make sure there isn't any dried dirt, sweat, or hair from the last time it was used. That can also cause sore spots on the horse's leg.

Step 4: Placing the Boot on the Leg

Now that the horse's leg and the inside of the boot are cleaned off, it's time to place the boot on the leg. Start at the knee and slide it down the leg until it "locks in place" on the horse's ankle. It will feel comfortable on the hand that's holding it in place when it's on right.

Step 5: Moving Your Hand Up

Once the boot is comfortably on the ankle, slide the hand that is holding the boot at the ankle, up to the top of the boot to make sure it stays in place. By doing so, the boot won't slip down and get out of place.

Step 6: Hooking the Velcro Straps

Now that both hands are assisting with placing they boot, the velcro straps can now be placed. First, hook the top strap by pulling it tightly so the boot fits snuggly against the horse's leg.

Do the same with the second and third straps.

Step 7: Hooking the Final Strap and the Finished Look

Finally, Take the fourth strap and wrap it around the bottom of the ankle, making sure it's pulled snuggly so the boot stays in place. Once around the bottom, bring the strap around and secure it to the front of the boot pulling it at a 90-degree angle once around the back side of the bottom of the ankle.

The finished look should look like the picture.

Step 8: Ready to Compete

Now that the boot is properly placed on the horse's leg, it is ready to compete in a rodeo!