Introduction: How to Propose to a Woman

This is a set of instructions that will provide guidelines, examples, and tips for your proposal. These will not tell you exactly how to propose, but they will help guide you to develop your own personalized and meaningful proposal.

Step 1: Obtain Ring

In choosing a ring, you have two options:
1. Go shopping with your girlfriend to allow her to give her input.
2. Go shopping on your own.

-If your girlfriend is picky or you have no idea what she would want, her input will be crucial.
-If you think you have good taste, the element of surprise can add to the excitement of the proposal.
-Get the ring insured.

Step 2: Ask Father's Permission

Depending on the culture, her background, and her family, this can be a very important step.

-If possible, a face to face meeting will leave a good impression.
-Look nice.

Step 3: Determine Proposal Location

Choose a place where you will kneel down to propose.

-Choose someplace that is or can become sentimental for both of you.

-Nice Restaurant

Step 4: Compose and Rehearse Proposal Dialogue

Determine what you will say and practice it in front of the mirror.

-Have it come from the heart.
-Use props if it will enhance the moment.


Step 5: Arrange for Meeting at Predetermined Location

Make sure that you have everything planned out ahead of time to ensure that you are both in the right place at the right time. You have two options:
1. Pick her up and take her there.
2. Arrange for meeting at location.

-The element of surprise can be very effective.
-Use friends to help preserve the element of surprise.

-Have her friends take her on a planned activity where she ends up meeting you.
-Pick her up as if it were a normal date.
-Send her on a treasure hunt directed by notes and flowers that leads her to you.

Step 6: Execute Proposal

This is the moment when you kneel down and recite what you practiced earlier.

-Being on your knees is romantic, stay there for a while.

Step 7: Await Answer

This is where you wait for her to reply to your proposal.

-Be patient, it might take her a while to answer you.

Warning: Results may vary.