How to Put Your Past DIY Costumes to Good Use As a Prop for Next Halloween

Introduction: How to Put Your Past DIY Costumes to Good Use As a Prop for Next Halloween

In this Instructable I will show you how to put this years, or past DIY Halloween costumes to good use for future Halloweens.

Last year I made a "white walker" (from Game of Thrones) costume as I envisioned. So I will use this costume as an example of how to preserve it by keeping its shape overtime and able to use any Halloween if you choose as a life-size, quality, haunted house prop.

Step 1: Make Your Costume (White Walker Example)

1.) Make Your Costume- See photos to see each piece required to make this "white walker" costume I whipped up last year to make this years.... maybe too scary... front door Halloween prop. (a link to my full length Instructable for this particular costume


Step 2: Find a Cheap Mannequin to Creep Your Friends Out With Along With Making Into a Life-Size Prop

2.) Buy a Mannequin- After keeping an eye open on Ebay for a while for a reasonably priced full-body mannequin...which was surprisingly much harder than I thought to find anything + shipping under $80.... I came across this guy (pictured) for $74.

3.) Dress the mannequin in the costume and if need be for prosthetic applications use the same adhesive you'd use on yourself so it's safe to remove without damaging if by chance you decided to use for a costume another year. If your costume is not full body then paint the mannequin exposed skin areas if required.

Step 3: Enjoy Past Creations for Years to Come!!

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    5 years ago

    A cheaper way is to use cardboard stick (found sometimes at carpet vendor) and create your own mannequin