Introduction: How to Put a Logo on Knife Blade : Laser Engraving

The point of this project is to engrave a logo on a knife blade.

So you'll need :

- A knife

- A logo

- A laser cutter/engraver ( Here it's a TROTEC SPEEDY 300, 60W )

- A can of THERMARK or CerMark Spray

Step 1: Make Sure Your Blade Is Ready for Engraving

It has to be down to its final finish, otherwise you'll peel off the logo.

Step 2: Protect Your Handle

You don't want the thermark spray to cover the wood of your handle ( maybe you could wipe it off easily, but i don't wish to try.)

Step 3: Clean the Blade

You may use acetone (please wear gas mask and gloves)

Step 4: Spray the Blade

Not too thick.

The can needs a few minutes of shaking before use

Step 5: Engrave the Blade

I was extra cautious making the blade horizontal in X and Y directions in the laser cutter.

Then fired it at 1000DPI (metal has extremely high engraving fidelity) and using the metal preset in JobControl

Step 6: Wipe the Excess, Admire.

This is it !

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