Introduction: How to Put an End to Women and Childhood Violence

We are living in the world of animals, where any man, woman or child can be mistreated by any opposite or same sex, anywhere. There are many organizations who have listed many types of violence that are experienced by children of 0 to 18 years in United Nations. Some of them are child maltreatment by their parents and guardians (0 to 14 years of age), violence in community settings (among youth of 15 to 18 years of age) and many more. We are free if the newspapers and journals are to be believed. But in the actual sense, we are still slaves of one another.

So, to prevent you from these and all the effects of violence on children, men or women, here are few basic steps that will be of use to you to prevent from violence. Go through them and save your precious lives.

Step 1: Concentrate on Unwanted Pregnancies

Put some efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancies. Focus on the health of the woman and look after them. There are times when you will notice pregnancies that are unwanted or that faces problems when the child is inside the mother.

Step 2: Stop or Control the Usage of Drugs

All the drugs that are harmful during pregnancy, unhealthy levels of alcohol and use of illegal drugs should be controlled. Drugs and alcohol of all kinds should be cut down for the new parents.

Step 3: Arrange Home Visitation Services

In order to ensure a healthy life for a child, all the pre- and post-natal services should be highly improved. No less, no more, arranging home visitation services like doctors, nurses, social workers who are professionals of the field through various sources should be arranged, especially in the localities where children have high-risks of maltreatment.

Step 4: Conduct Training for Parents

Conducting training, once or twice in a month for all the parents in the town on child care, child development, non-violent behaviours and problem-solving skills. Explaining to them and teaching them that every child is different and behaves differently can be helpful too.

Step 5: Give Pre-school Education

Educating children before school days on personal level during parenting days, so that they get a kick-start and get to know the world in a better way and get an understanding of education is a smart parenting tactic.Training and feeding knowledge related to life skills.Helping and showing to them the path to complete schooling where they are at a high risk of young age.

Step 6: Request Authorities to Stop Toxic Products

Ask the authorities to reduce the availability of toxic products in the market and spread a word to follow the enforcement of liquor licensing laws, taxation and pricing.

Here is a study by WHO, where the organisation estimated the lifetime impact of child sexual abuse is approximately 6% reason to depression, and some more causes of depression are alcohol and drug intake, suicide attempts, panic disorders and post-traumatic stress. There are many other studies that listed child sexual abuse, physical abuse, and other childhood addictions like excessive smoking and drinking disorders. Unfortunately, they become the causes of death or turn into cancers and cardiovascular disorders.

Save yourself and children around you today. Get a healthy life by following all the above steps. If you have anything to share with us, feel free to do so in the comment box!