Introduction: How to Quickly Clear Snow and Make a Gift

When you have less than a half inch of snow on your driveway, at first, you are tempted to just leave it. After a few times of doing that, and having it partially melt and refreeze into ice that makes your driveway slippery and harder to shovel, when you get the next snow, you learn to clean it. But how? Using a snow shovel takes so long and firing up a snowblower, if you have one, seems an overkill and equally slow. The problem is that you don't have a tool matched for the job. You easily have enough strength to push 20 pounds of snow, but with this light dusting, you only end up pushing 5 pounds, at most, with a shovel. You can make this simple snow pusher for $5 in 5 minutes and clear your driveway in less time than that. I made this 10 years ago and have used it several times each winter. Its certainly not the end all snow removal tool, but its a must-have time saver on certain days. Once you realize how handy this is, you can easily make gifts for friends and family.


- 2 foot by 4 foot piece of 3/8" plywood (hardware stores have pre-cut handy panels this size)

- 2 inch by 2 inch by 8 foot long "2-by-2"

- Pack of 1.25 inch long wood screws. They come about 20 per pack, in the smallest size.


Step 1 - Cut the 2-by-2 in half with a hand saw. The hardware store can do this for you, if needed.

Step 2 - Use a screwdriver to screw the plywood to a half 2-by-2 in the center, as a handle.

Step 3 - Set it on your snow-covered driveway and push. See video for how quickly it works.