Introduction: How to Re-Seal the Bead on a Flat Tire the Fun Way!

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So here's the situation, your driving down the road in the middle of nowhere, and somehow the tire falls off the bead. All you have is your lighter and a can of starting fluid. Here is how to fix it.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

Starting fluid
A lighter
common sense

Step 2: Spray and Light

Just spray the starting fluid into the open bead on the tire, then light the fluid. A safe way is to spray a trail down the side of the tire, and light. The fun way is to use the can of fluid as a flame thrower like the vid. The explosion will set the bead instantly, just quickly fill with air after. Sometimes you need to step on the top of the tire to get it to blow. sorry couldn't find my pic, so here are some videos. (some cursing in the vids).