Introduction: How to Reclaim Mobile Credit to Your Bank Account

Have you ever decided to change mobile providers when you still had loads of credit left on your phone? Have you ever thought that it was a waste to leave it on the sim? This instructable will show you how you can transfer credit from your mobile phone account into your bank account, so that you don't have to waste any leftover money you have on your old sim.


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Step 1: Mobillcash

What is mobillcash?
Mobillcash, the service that we're going to use to carry out this instructable, is designed as a payment system to allow online merchants to accept payment directly from people's mobiles. It works in the same way as premium text messaging services - the customer recieves a text message from the merchant's website at a premium rate, which pays for whatever service the merchant is offering.

We are going to be using the same principle, but a little more creatively. By setting yourself up as a merchant, you can send yourself premium rate text messages and the money that your mobile account is charged is paid into your own bank account. This allows you to reclaim any credit that you have left on an old sim card back into usable cash.

Step 2: Set Up a Merchant Account

To set up a merchant account, you need to go to Here, the page shown in image 1 comes up. Click through to sign up, and fill in all the appropriate data. I'm sure that you can do the rest. Standard sign-up procedures apply.
(Nothing compromising is needed during the sign-up process.. They haven't spammed my email address. I can't promise that they won't spam yours, but I doubt it.)

Step 3: Setting Up a Payment Link

Once you've gone through all of the account set-up jive, you can set up a payment link. Follow the pictures:

Step 4: Pay Yourself

This step describes the payment process. For an example, click this example payment link. This will actually take 25p from your mobile account (although you can cancel it before payment actually goes through), so only click the link if you are actually willing to spend 25p.

An example of the payment process is in the video (I am not in the video - it was already on youtube, so copyright goes to original author, etc.)

Step 5: Bank Details

You need to add your bank details to your account at this stage so that they can pay you.
The place to fill them in is highlighted in the picture on this step.

Step 6: Summary

Mobillcash is a site which allows the transfer of mobile credit into bank accounts. It charges a small percentage in order to do this which varies according to the value of the transaction and the countries of the merchant and the customer.

We can use this in order to transfer funds from an unused mobile sim back into cash.

Other ideas:
There are other ways that you could use this, of course. Obviously, it's possible to use it in the way it's intended, as a payment system for online purchases.
Also, many mobile service providers give out free promotional sims with a certain amount of free credit on them. If you had the inclination and the time, you could use this instructable and that fact to get some free money. Any other suggestions would be welcomed in the comments, and I might add them to the main body of the instructable if I get the chance.

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Finally - This is my first instructable. I hope that you enjoyed it! Please feel free to point out any discrepancies/ mistakes.