How to Record Your Screen With VLC Media Player




Introduction: How to Record Your Screen With VLC Media Player

Hi Everyone, In this article I'm gonna show you How to record your screen with VLC Media Player.

We all know that using VLC Media Player we can watch Videos and hear Musics but we don't know It can also helpful in recording your Computer Screen.

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player

  • Open VLC Media player

Step 2: Media - Capture Device

  • Then go to Media in top left corner
  • Then Click on Capture Device

Step 3: Change the Capture Mode to Desktop

  • On Capture Device tab, Change the Capture Mode to Desktop

Step 4: Change the Desired Frame Rate to 30 Fps

  • Change the frame rate to 30 fps (It is optional to change to 30, You can also change that to whatever you want. You can change it to 60 or 24 or 12 or whatever you want

Step 5: Click on the Little Down Arrow Near the Play Button - Then Click Convert

  • Then on the Bottom right there will be a play button. Near to that button there is a small down arrow.
  • Click that down arrow and Click Convert

Step 6: Select Your Output Destination Folder

  • Then Select your Destination Folder for your Output Video
  • Name your file
  • And Click Save

Step 7: Then Click Start

  • Then Click on Start
  • Your Screen Recording will be started

Step 8: Stop the Recording

  • After Finished your Recording
  • Click on Stop Playback button in the Bottom Left Corner

Step 9: Conclusion

So you have learned How to record your Screen with VLC Media Player. If you still have doubts watch this Video.. I have explained each and every step over there!!

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    1 year ago

    It works, but not ideally. I work with extended external screens connected to my laptop. Does anyone know how to record only the screen where I'm holding my presentation on? Now I can see all 3 screens in the mp4 and only 1 of them (where I am doing my presentation on) is moving.

    Noble douglas
    Noble douglas

    Question 1 year ago on Step 8

    For me it doesn't work for final I see that the file or the video is not in the way I select so what can I do


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    Nice explanation but it doesn't work ! Unfortunately the file created (LearnerDriver.avi) just doen't increase in size beyond 0 or 1 KB. I have tried repeatedly but no luck. I am using Win Pro 64-bit with VLC 3.0.11. Any ideas?


    2 years ago on Step 9

    This is probably one of the best blogs I've ever read. Direct to the point, without beating around the bush. Ive been using Filmora Wondershare only for On-Screen Recording purposes. But, VLC Media Player can just do the job well! Thanks for Posting


    2 years ago

    Wow. This is truly remarkable! I have VLC installed in my computer way before since it is great for playing movies and videos. I don't know it has a screen recording function. Usually, I am using Screen Grabber Pro which has great recording functions. But for the mean time, let me try your suggestion. Thank you!