Introduction: How to Remove Blood From Clothing

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As a clumsy person with a blood disease, I have been bleeding on myself and everything around me for most of my life. This particular time was a random nosebleed that ended up on my t-shirt. :P I've gotten really REALLY good at removing blood from clothing, sheets, upholstery, towels, etc.

The major secret to removing blood from fabric is removing it before it has a chance to dry. Dried blood is tougher to remove on most fabrics! You can use this cleaning technique with dried blood, but it may take longer and/or leave a slight shadow of a stain.

The best thing I've found to remove blood is a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This can be found in nearly any grocery or drugstore here in the US.

Oh! And a bonus tip: you can also use your saliva to remove blood. If you're worried about hurting the fabric or in a place without hydrogen peroxide around, try spitting on a paper towel and dabbing at the stain. I know it sounds questionable and maybe even gross, but it works!

Step 1: What You'll Need to Remove Blood From Clothing

Two things:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, 3% solution
  • Cool water

That is honestly it! I don't recommend using a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution. The only thing a stronger solution will do is bleach or dissolve the fabric the blood is on, which is not helpful. :P

Step 2: Pour the Hydrogen Peroxide on the Blood

I normally place the clothing near my sink for this so I can rinse it easily afterwards.

Now you'll pour the hydrogen peroxide onto the blood spots, thoroughly soaking the area. Allow the peroxide to sit and bubble for a moment and then check the spot. If the spot is gone, you can rinse.

If not, pour more hydrogen peroxide over the area and let it bubble. Repeat until the blood stain is gone!

Step 3: Rinse Under Cool Water

I always rinse out the hydrogen peroxide once the blood is gone, just to be sure it won't affect the fabric in any way. Better safe than sorry!

Once that's done, I typically hang the item to dry and then throw it in the dirty laundry. And taaaaaa-daaaaaa - a easy and cheap way to get blood out of clothing and other fabrics. :D