Introduction: How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone or Going to the Salon!

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Boy oh boy did COVID-19 spiral our lives out of control in many ways. From unprecedented queues for toilet papers and DIY masks made out of water dispenser plastic bottles, we are facing situations we've never had to face before; including nail spas and salons closing! For ladies who visit the nail salons every two weeks, I feel you! I was caught in the middle of a sudden last-minute partial lockdown in my country and amidst the craziness I forgot to plan a visit to my nail salon.

Fret not! I have personally tried and tested the following at-home method for removing gel nail polish and it works so I thought to share it with you!


The old fashioned way - Peel em' off

Cuticle, coconut or olive oil

Nail File

Tweezers (optional)

Orangewood stick (optional)

Step 1: Peel Em' Off!


Push from the sides of each gel nail and let the gel nail chip off. If you find a part of the gel nail is particularly easy to chip off, work on that spot with your other hand's nails or by using a pair of tweezers. If your gel nails are freshly done, it is not recommended to peel off the gel nails till one to two weeks later to prevent damage to your nails.


Next, under a running tap, let your nails get wet and continue pushing the gel polish off. Do this slowly and gently to prevent damage to your nail.


If running water does not work, it's time to use oil. Apply any natural oil that is oily in nature, for example coconut or olive oil, and most ideally, cuticle oil onto the gel nail and to the finger from the other hand you are using to push the gel nail off with. Slowly push the gel polish off from the sides. The key here is to be gentle and not cause damage to your natural nail! Apply more oil as required.


After trying the above methods, it is time to buff the residue gel off with a nail file. Use the smooth side of the nail buffer. Wash off the oil and dry the nail with the gel nail and use your nail file to buff the remaining gel off with slow and soft rubs. Be careful here as you do not want to buff your natural nail! Once you notice the gel is buffed off, stop buffing.


Replenish the moisture on your nails and hands with cuticle oil or a natural oil and hand cream. This is as peeling off gel nail can leave your nails and skin dry.