Introduction: How to Repair Asus Laptop Charger?

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Hello there, in this instructable i will show you how you can repair a PC charger, specifically the Asus X450 charger, but these steps might be applied to another charger to fix it. So the thing is that the cable that comes out from the charger to the PC is ripped off, and here you will see how you can repair thar kind of damage.

Step 1: Materials

To repair the charger you need the following things:

  1. Cutter.
  2. Cutting Pliers.
  3. Pliers.
  4. Shrink Tube #3 and #5
  5. Soldering Iron.
  6. Tin.
  7. Multimeter
  8. Tape.

And that's all. So go on the next step.

Step 2: The Whole Process in the Video

Now read these instructions and watch the video so you can see how to repair your Asus charger, or any other that has the same damage as the one of the video.

First, as the damage is just in the nearest part of the cable holder of the charger, cut the cable with the cutting pliers and then peeled its extreme, when you do it you will see two inner cables, one cable of any color, often the positive line, and other cable that is just peeled wires, this is often the negative line. Cut some shrink tube #3 and introduce it covering the color cable, this is to have ready the shrink tube to cover the welding that is going to be done after. Now cut another piece of shrink tube #5, longer than the #3, this one will cover all the peeled part of the main cable and also the cables that remains into the cable holder afeter everything is welded.

Now with the cutter begin to make soft cuts in the joint of the 2 parts of the charger cover, cut a lot until you see the blade can enter between the two parts. Is probably that your charger has some grip hooks, try to find them and when you do it, with a plain screwdriver try to separate them. After you do this your charger will be easily opened, grab any part of the cover and separate it to open the charger.

When you have you charger opened, take the cable holder, make a cut over it, and then grab the 2 cables that pass through it and take them out of the cable holder by the cut you just made. peel their extremes and twist the peeled part. Now twist each peeled extreme cable with their respective pair together, i mean if the positive line is the white cable, you have to twist it with the peeled extreme of the white cable from the main cable. When you do this, is time to weld them, begin with the positive line, using the heated soldering iron and the tin weld the peeled parts, and now grab the shrink tube that was already on the cable and cover the welded part, then shrink it with the soldering iron. Repeat this process for the negative line, when you weld it, take the #5 shrink tube and cover both cables, also covering the cable holder part, and now shrink the tube with the soldering iron.

Once you finish this, your cable should be attached again to your charger. Now place the cable holder in its original position and close the charger with the cover that you removed before. When it is closed,use some tape to seal and secure everything, the cable holder, the charger, and everything you consider should be sealed.

Now take the multimeter and put it in the continuity test mode, take the two test probes and put one on the exterior part of the charger connector, the connector that goes into the PC, and put the other probe into this connector, making sure you make contact with the inner contact of the connector. When you do it the multimeter should tell you that there is no continuity between the positive and negative line, otherwise i don't recommend to connect you charger to the AC and into the PC. If your multimeter says there is no continuity, you can connect your charger to the AC to chec that there isn't any problem before you connect it to your PC, so if you do that and everything is fine, nothing of explosions and the charger doesn't heat, you can plug it into your PC, at this point your PC should be charging again!!.

So don't forget to watch the video to see how this process is done, after one or two minutes of me talking about what happened hehe, and also turn on the english subtitles!!.

That's all folks, if you have any doubts you can let them on the comments and i will be happy to help you, Happy repairing.

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