Introduction: How to Repair Flashlight Switch (Fix Tailcap Switch)

Hello, Everyone!

in This Instructable, I will share with you How to Fix the Mechanical Switch in Flashlights (this method Should Work on Most flashlights except the Old Models like Maglite )

I will demonstrate the Repair on a Skywolfeye Zoomable Torch

ok, Let's Begin :)

Step 1: Gently Pull the Rubber Cap

*The Switch in this torch is Press-fitted, if The Switch in your Torch is Screwed in Then unscrew it first, Then pull the Rubber Cap

Step 2: Use Something Thin But Not Sharp to Push the Plastic Housing Out of the Tailcap , Tap It Gently

Step 3: Pull the Switch From the Plastic Housing

Step 4: Measure the Resistance of the Switch to Make Sure That the Problem in the Flashlight Is Caused by the Switch Not From the Pill

Step 5: Use a Thin Object to Pry Open the Switch Through the Holes on the Sides

if your Switch Does not Have Holes on the Sides Then use Something very thin

like a flat head screwdriver to wedge between the Side Crack of the switch (But Be careful not to cut yourself)

Step 6: After Opening the Switch , Clean Its 3 Pins Very Well

Use a metal File or Sand Paper to Remove any Rust from The Surface of the Conductors.

but don't file it too much, Just Scratch The Surface.

Step 7: After Cleaning the Pins, Reassemble the Switch

Step 8: Measure the Resistance of the Switch

Before the Repair The Resistance was 13 ohm, After the Repair, it Became in the Range of 0.01-0.1 OHM , Which means it became as good as new.

Step 9: Put the Repaired Switch Back in the Plastic Housing

Step 10: Insert the Rubber Cap

Step 11: Insert the Plastic Housing , Then Tap It Lightly to Secure It in the Tailcap

Step 12: Connect the Tailcap to the Flashlight and Test It

it Should Work :)

For More Details, Watch the Eembedded Video.

I hope This instructable was helpful to you

Thulfiqar Ali

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