Introduction: How to Repair a Broken Hinge in Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 Laptop

in this instructable I'll show you how to repair the Base of the hinge in the Lenovo Thinkpad E540 Laptop (or any laptop)
I don't like the Glueing Method because it does not last long, So I will use Radek's method which Requires using Belt Screws!

Step 1: The Tools That You Will Need Are:

1) Two Belt Screws, Dimensions:

2) Epoxy Glue ( Using it as a filler to strengthen the base not for glueing the hinge )

3) Drill

4) 4 Millimeters drill bit (5/32")

5) Tweezers (optional)

Step 2: The Steps:

1- Remove the broken Base Nuts, Broken Plastic and remove any Oil residue from the base of the hinge.

2- Mix Two Equal Portions of the Epoxy Glue, and then Apply the Glue on the Broken Screw Holes (the purpose of the Glue is only to strengthen the plastic base) , and then leave the laptop for 12-24 hours so that the Glue fully cures

3- after 24 Hours, temporarily install the screen, and then get a marker and mark the screw holes of the hinge.

4- Drill the Marked Spots with the 4 Millimeters Drill Bit (5/32 in.)

5- insert the Rivets through the Drilled Holes and then install the screen and Tighten the Screws.
6- Oil the Hinges to reduce the Load on the plastic Base of the Laptop

7- Assemble the Laptop, Done!

Step 3: My Feedback on This Method After 6 Months of Usage:

I repaired my laptop 6 months ago using the Belt screws method, and I'm quite impressed of how rigid the hinges became, I HIGHLY Recommend it.

and if you have an Acer, Dell, HP.... Then Check out Radeks's Video

Good Luck.