Introduction: How to Repair MagSafe2 Charger for Apple MacBook Pro

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No money for a new MacBook Pro charger? No need to worry. I repaired my MagSafe2 charger for my new MacBook Pro by using the charger from my old MacBook Pro using the MagSafe charger in less than 10 minutes. Here's how...

**SAFETY ALERT** please make sure the Chargers you are working on are unplugged. To be extremely safe disconnect the plug from the base unit

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Along with the items you see here which are an exacto knife, electrical tape, and wire cutters; you will also need you're beat to hell MagSafe 2 charger and your gently used MagSafe charger from your old MacBook Pro. As I'm sure you have already figured out the heads on the chargers are very different but the voltage for both chargers are exactly the same. Now also what you don't see here that I ended up using was a soldering gun. I'll explain the soldering gun a little later.

Step 2: Preparing the Chargers

Here is where you have to be careful. I made my mistake already and I don't want you to make the same mistake. Using the wire cutters cut the MagSafe 2 about 7 inches or more from the connector down . On the other charger cut about 2 inches from the connector down . As you notice once you cut and stripped the rubber insulation you will see a silver wire wrapped around or twisted around another plastic insulated wire. You also want to undo Ravel the silver wire in strip very carefully the plastic insulation for the wire in the middle. You will also notice that the wires after stripping the insulation are very different but worry not. There is no need to cut any of the silver wire from both chargers as I initially did you will need everything.

Step 3: Swapping and Connecting

This picture is a little deceiving but I will explain it in detail. When you cut back the insulation from the wire you notice that the both chargers are different and how they are wired the wires that are wrapping around the plastic insulation carry the same function we will call this wire the negative wire and the wires in the middle or the ones that are wrapped we will call the positive wires. What you'll need to do is separate the negative wires wrapping around the positive wire on both chargers. Connect or twist the two center wires from your pieces together and wrap them in either the electrical tape or use part of the excess insulation to cover the wires and then wrapped in electrical tape. Now the two wires that were once wrapped around the positive wire you will now join those two together in the same fashion by intertwining them or twisting them together you may also after is twisted wrap in electrical tape or use excess insulation to cover the wire and wrap it in electrical tape then plug in your charger and connect the head to the computer.

Step 4: Ugly and Operational

You should have now a successful head swap and operational charger. Now the final picture may not look the same as yours. Remember I cut the silver wire that was wrapped around the positive wire I cut it thinking I did not need it. I had to use my soldiering gun to connect the two wires because I only had to work with 3 or 4 centimeters of the negative wire from the MagSafe2 charger and connect it to the other negative wire from the MagSafe charger. You can use a soldering gun either way to make sure that the wires stay firmly connected you can also use the insulation that shrinks when burned to join the wires together and protect the wires . I hope this helps you in the future and save a little money. At least until you are able to buy a brand new one. My budget rigged charger was done on November 4th and it is still working and today is January 15th. If you have any questions at all please feel free to send a message or leave a comment.