Introduction: How to Repair Philips Driver Bit Tip

All the information in the video for more details check out following steps.

Step 1: Remember About Safety.

Grinding hard material produces bits of the material flying everywhere. Remember to protect your eyes. Use appropriate equipment to protect you body PPE is a must.

Step 2: Remember Not to Breach Any Safety Switches.

I did it but I should not be an example of a pro ;) This knife sharpener can be used as a grinder but a proper bench grinder is always a better solution. Remember to choose quite smooth stone, as large grains will not provide you with a spectacular effects.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Angle of Attack Is Very Important.

Choose the best side of the Phillips driver tip to find the right angle for grinding.

All you have to do now is power the grinder and drill in the same time and gently, very gently get the desired shape.

The driver bit is going to be very sharp at the top you will need to grind the top a bit to make it blunt = safe.

When grinding the sharp pointed top of the bit remember to apply very, very little force as it will grind off very easily.

Step 4: Your Done. Before and After Shots ;)

Now, your are done. You can admire the effects of getting the right shape of you drill/driver Phillips bit tips.

I hope you liked this instructable. Remember to be safe and keep your tools in good shape.

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