How to Replace IPhone 5s Cracked Screen - 8 Minutes and 5 Screws



Introduction: How to Replace IPhone 5s Cracked Screen - 8 Minutes and 5 Screws

A complete guide to replace your broken or cracked iPhone 5s. This project isn't tough, just remove 5 screws and it takes less than 10 minutes. Your iPhone will be as new again.

Step 1: Remove 2 Screws

Remove 2 screws at the bottom of your iPhone 5s.

Step 2: Pry Screen

I use a razor blade to pry the screen upward.

Step 3: Release the Screen

Use a plastic Spudger tool underneath the screen to release the screen.

Step 4: Open the Panel

Open the panel; do not pull the panel too far or more than 90 degrees.

Step 5: Remove 3 Screws

Remove 3 screws and the metal shield. Don’t mix-up the screws.

Step 6: Disconnect Screen

Disconnect 3 cables from the board connection.

Step 7: Remove Damaged Screen

Remove the damaged screen.

Step 8: Reinstall New Screen

Gently reinstall a new screen, reattach all cable by carefully pressing down. Make sure they are all snaps in place.

Step 9: Replace Metal Shield

Secure the metal shield and its screws.

Step 10: Complete the Screen Repair

Line up the top screen part correctly, and carefully press down the display, replace the 2 dock screws.

Step 11: Done

Congratulation, your iPhone 5s will be as new again.

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