Introduction: How to Replace an Electrical Outlet With a Tamper Resistant Version

Disclaimer: Always use multiple sources and do your homework before performing any electrical work. Also, make sure all work is done within national and local code.

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

First turn off the power to the circuit the outlet is on. I like to leave my outlet tester plugged in, which will turn off when the power is cut. If you are unsure which breaker to turn off you can plug in a radio and turn up the volume. When you cut the correct breaker the music will turn off.

Step 2: Remove Plate

Remove the face plate.

Step 3: Free the Outlet

Unscrew the outlet from the box.

Step 4: Voltage Tester

I like to use my voltage tester after I remove the outlet to double check that there are no live wires. You can never be too safe.

Step 5: Remove Wires

Remove wires from the old outlet. They can either be unscrewed or cut off. If you cut the ends of the wire you will need to re-strip about a half inch of the jacket off the end and create a loop.

Step 6: Loop

Loop each wire from the old outlet around the corresponding screw on the new outlet and tighten. Bare ground to green, white neutral to silver, and black hot to gold screws.

Step 7: Secure

Push the wires back into the box and secure the new outlet to the box.

Step 8: Plate

Reattach the face plate.

Step 9: Test

Turn the power back on and use an outlet tester to ensure it is wired correctly.