Introduction: How to Repot a Plant

In this youll learn how to repot a plant.

Step 1: Gather Materials

pot of your choice, flower, soil, paper, plant saucer and water

Step 2: Poke a Hole in the Bottom of Your Pot If It Doesn’t Already Have One

If your pot already has a hole in the bottom you do not have to do this step.

Step 3: Place Paper Flat in Bottom of the Pot

I would suggest doing multiple layers, probably 3.

For a small pot I would use one piece of paper folded multiple times and a large pot I would use three pages folded in half.

Step 4: Place the Pot on Top of the Plant Saucer

Step 5: Carefully Fill the Pot ½ Way With Soil

You want to create a good base of soil for your new plant to be in.

Step 6: Create Small Pocket in the Soil for the Plant to Be Placed In

This helps the plant sit in the soil and not on top of the bottom layer of soil you just put into the pot.

Step 7: Carefully Take Flower Out of Container and Lightly Break Up the Bottom of the Roots

WARNING: this step does get a little messy but thats is ok!

You dont want to pull the plant from the flower or stem of the plant, if you squeeze the bottom of the plastic pot to loosen up the dirt and then pull close to the bottom of the stem this helps get the plant out and not break the stem off of the plant.

Then gently break up the roots. Your goal in this step is to loosen the roots and soil at the bottom of the plant not to break them, so be gentle.

Step 8: Place Flower Into New Pot

Step 9: Fill the Rest of the Pot With Soil

You want to make sure the dirt is to the bottom of the plants stem.

Step 10: Compact the Soil

Push down on the soil around the stem to help the soil keep the new plant inside the soil.

Step 11: Remember to Water Your Plant Every Few Days

You want to water your plant often but not to often. Every couple of day is always a good amount.

Happy Planting, Enjoy :)