Introduction: How to Roll Silverware

Whether in a restaurant, preparing for a special event, or even just want to make dinner at home a bit fancier, rolling silverware can add just enough flair to the table. Rolling silverware securely in the napkin or pouch with the choice of different colors and touches can make silverware presentation amazing! Guests will definitely notice the work put in.


Cutlery and a square paper napkin or clothe.

Step 1: What We Need

Before we get started, gather cutlery and a square paper napkin or clothe. Any silverware or paper napkins chosen will work. Just make sure they are shaped like a square and large enough to hold all of the silverware. Make sure the paper napkins are high quality and durable. Do let them rip while folding.

Step 2: Napkin Positioning

To begin, lay the napkin or clothe on a flat surface. After this, make sure there is a corner facing the table edge. Any corner will work for this step. Make sure the napkin is fully flattened before the going on to the next step.

Step 3: Silverware Placement

Next, place the knife on the napkin diagonally. The point of the knife should be just slightly past the corner point about 1⁄2 inch. Knife placement is very important, because it will be the starting point of how far the cutlery will stick out of the napkin. Make sure the knife does not stick out too far, as it may fall out of the napkin. Place the spoon and fork on top of the knife. Set the fork directly on top of the knife. After this, stack the spoon on the fork. Therefore, should result in neat stack, with the bottoms of their handles even with the other. Before moving on to the next step, hold the silverware in place.

Step 4: First Fold

Next, fold the bottom corner over the ends of the silverware. While holding the silverware in place, grab the bottom corner of the napkin with the other hand and fold it over the ends of the silverware. Make sure the silverware stays in place while doing this, because then it will not become uneven.

Step 5: Fold and Roll

Lastly, bring a side corner over the silverware and roll the silverware in the napkin. Grab either side corner of the napkin and fold it over the silverware towards the opposite corner. Fold it so that the silverware is tight in the napkin. Now that the silverware is wrapped snugly in the napkin fold, roll it over until the silverware holder is complete.

Step 6: Video Example