Introduction: How to Run a Marathon

Running is a healthy hobby for the human-being mind and body. I can recommend everyone start running and set a goal for your first race. I ran my first marathon in Amsterdam in October 2019. I would like to share with you the keys to running your first marathon and some knowledge I gained during the preparation process and the running as well.

Step 1: What Equipment You Need

Must to have:

Running shoes

Running shorts

Dry-fit shirt

Racing number

Racing time chip + GPS

Racing watch

Energy gel

Nice to have:


Running armband

Running socks

Venue dependent:




Step 2: How to Choose the Marathon Venue

It is important to pick a marathon venue that is right for you.

The things you need to think about before registration:

1. How much time you will need to train (you need a minimum of 6 months)?

2. In what season of the year do you want to run?

3. Where?

4. Are you trying to qualify for World Marathon Majors?

5. Price

Once you have answers to all these questions, sign up for a marathon.

Notice: The registration is a great motivator to start your training.

Step 3: The Training Process

1. Decide the training method:

- Take into your interests, ability, and available time.

- Do some research, talk to friends, and figure out what you are most comfortable with.

2. Be realistic when you choose your ability level and goal.

3. Find 1-2 little races. It can help you to check your body and equipment.

4. Determine the training pace (not easy when you a self-coaching runner).

Step 4: The Weekend Before

1. Lodging: pick up the best hotel you can afford for yourself (you will remember me after the race)

Tip: pick up a hotel near the marathon start point.

2. Carb Loading: A couple of days before the race increases your carb intake. This will allow your body to store more available energy to burn during the race.

Tip: don't miss the Pasta party.

3. Night before: try to relax. You are ready for this!

Step 5: The Race Day

1. Morning of the race: Wake up early and have a cup of coffee. Eat a small breakfast and grab some banana.

2. Start of Race: Take it easy.

3. KM 3-10: Take it All In!

4. KM 11-25: Find Your Groove

5. KM 26-38: You will suffer as you have never suffered before (in a good way)

6. KM 39-41: Almost there

7. KM 42-42.2: You are a HERO!

Step 6: After the Race

1. Get fluids back into your body.

2. Rest.

3. Meet up with your family and friends.