Introduction: How to Sculpt Your Face Using Makeup

Today we are going to be learning how to sculpt our faces, using contour, bronzer and highlight.


Contour stick or powder contour, powder bronzer, and powder, cream, or liquid highlighter. A contour and highlight brush (fan brush) may be used or fingers.

Step 1: Base

Make sure your face has the base that you desire. If you use foundation, concealer, or powder (these are optional), make sure that all of that is applied to your face before applying the contour, bronzer, and highlight.

Step 2: Pick the Correct Shade

Pick a shade of a contour stick that is multiple shades darker than your skin tone. The dark shade will create a shadow on your face. The bronzer should be more of a warmer shade to blend the contour and give some depth, and it should be a lighter shade. Finally, the highlighter shade will be the light shade of the three, and should be the only shade with shimmer. (a champagne color or pearl) These shades can be universal to everyone as well.

Step 3: Start Contouring the Forehead

Take the contour stick and draw the lines (or dots) across the top of your forehead (about 2 cm thick) and then connect it to the edge of your face about where the top of your ears start (on both sides). Make sure when you take the contour stick and remove the lid, twist the bottom portion no more than 10 times to distribute the product with the correct amount.

Step 4: Start Contouring the Cheek Bones

Take the contour stick where you stopped the forehead contour on the side of your face and draw a line (or dots) directly above your cheek bone (about 1 ½ cm thick) and do to the other side as well.

Step 5: Start Contouring the Jawline

Take the stick and draw a line (or dots) across your entire jawline on both sides. This is to create a shadow to make your jawline more defined.

Step 6: Blend

Take your brush, sponge, or fingers and blend the contour in. Start by patting and tapping to make sure you don’t smudge anything and to make the shadow more precise.

Step 7: Taking the Bronzer

Following the contouring process, take the bronzer and whatever application tool you wish to use, and dip the tool in the powder bronzer. DO NOT get too heavy handed with this since this is a powder. It can look a bit cakey and “muddy” if you take too much at once. Make sure to blend it out as much as you can, and you can build this up if you need more. Start out by tapping (or a slight swirl) the tool in the bronzer 2 times.

Step 8: Applying the Bronzer

Starting by blending the bronzer over where you put your contour. This will not be as precise because it is just blending the contour in with your base to not make it look so harsh. You can take it down your neck as well if you want an extra tan look.

Step 9: Taking the Highlighter

This next step is my favorite part of the whole process- HIGHLIGHTER. Take your highlighter and use whatever tool you may like, and dip it into the highlighter. You can go as heavy or light handed as you want! (as long as you BLEND) This is for an extra pop on your cheekbones to create that definition.

Step 10: Applying the Highlighter

With the highlighter on your application tool, tap or LIGHTLY swipe in a back and forth motion on the top of your cheekbones (above the contour). This is to make your cheek bones pop a bit more, and to add a glow to your skin. You can take this on your temples, or any other high point on your face as well if you wish.

Step 11: The Finished Look

Have a BEAUTIFUL day with a sculpted, fresh and glowing face!