Introduction: How to Set Up a Drum Tom

Things that you will need:

1. Heads (Superior - white color)

2. Heads (Inferior - Transparent color)

3. Tom Tom Shell

4. Drum Key

5. Two Rims

6. Tension Rods

Step 1: Place the Head on the Shell

Put the superior head (white color) on top of the shell

Step 2: Put the Rim on Top of the Head.

Put one of the rims on top of the head, then put the tension rods on the rim holes.

Then with you fingers turn clockwise all the tension rods until you can't turn around anymore with your fingers

Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and 2 With the Inferior Head (transparent Color)

Step 4: Tune the Heads

First start with the superior head (white color). For this step use the drum key and turn the tension rods clockwise until you find a good sound. Repeat the same tuning process with the inferior head (transparent color)

Step 5: Enjoy and Play the Tom Tom.