Introduction: How to Shoot a Compound Bow

Hey I'm going to show you guys how to shoot a Compound bow. First off you need to go to an archery shop and have your bow fixed to the right draw length and the right amount of pounds you are drawing back. This, of course, is after you purchase your bow.

Step 1: Items Needed

You are going to need to have the right arrows for your bow (with field tips!!), a decent quick release, a target to shoot at, a good area to shoot your bow, and, of course, you need your bow.

Step 2: Before Releasing

Put your quick release on. After this you are going to position your bow to be ready to shoot. Then you "nock" the bow (set the arrow on the string and the rest).

Step 3: Shooting

Draw back your arrow on your bow with your quick release and aim at the target by looking through your "guide hole" (this is about at eye level.) Now you release your arrow. I don't have anyone to take a picture of this step for me so I apologize.

Step 4: Finished

Hopefully you were steady enough to hit your target. Now you just repeat this over and over again to get better. If anything is possibly wrong in your eyes, let me know by commenting and please vote for me in the hunter gather contest!
Thank you

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